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Registration / Inscription

To register for the entire Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME):

Follow this link to register for the conference as a whole:


The full conference registration is $925 though there are alternate prices depending on whether you are a resident, non-medical student, medical student or only plan on attending one day.


To register for Creating Space V11:

In order to register for just Creating Space V11, you still need to follow the same registration process as you would in order to register for the whole conference.

Instead of checking off Full Conference Registration, check off One-Day Participant on Saturday, April 29:

Now when you scroll down, you should be able to access the list of pre-conference workshops.

Check the box next to PC 21 – 800-1600 Creating Space V11: Dreaming the Myth Onward: The Stories We Don’t Tell

The total should be:

One Day Registration $170.00

Creating Space V11    $175.00

Total                              $345.00


** Please note that our event begins Friday at 3:00p and ends Saturday at 4:00p. The Friday portion of CSV11 is not considered a separate day event by CCME because it is off-site. That is why only the One Day Registration on Saturday April 28 + the CSV11 Pre-conference workshop is required.